Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below for some of the frequently asked questions about the our product - REAL ESTATE WEBSITE. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us by sending an email at [email protected] or filling in the form at CONTACT US.

How much is the setup cost? 

RealtyTerminus Starter Template websites are ZERO setup fee.

Can I launch my website in multiple languages? I am not looking for Google Translated pages. 

For sure. We can launch your website in as many languages as you want. You might have to provide the translation in some cases.

Are your websites "responsive"?

Yes, all our websites resize and adapt as per the the device screen and resolution. Realty Terminus has brought in the suite of tools with REALTORĀ® website with focus on excellence which includes the responsive website.

Are your websites "scalable"?

Yes. You can add or remove any features/modules available.
Also, as we release new features from time to time and fix bugs, the system will keep itself updated.
You will not be charged for the upgrades and bug fixing initiated from our end. For all the custom work/features requests, you will be charged as per the work involved.

Are your websites capable of "custom work"?

Absolutely! All our websites are scalable and ready for any kind of custom work as per your needs and requirements. Please note that there is an extra charge to the custom work. We provide you with a quote for approval for all the custom websites.

Do you have a CRM? 

Yes. We have brought to you an amazing CRM for real estate to make you the best REALTORĀ®. You can now impress your clients with great planning and timely followups.

Do you have some Marketing Automation tools? 

Of Course! With our Marketing Automation features, you can automate the day to day activities of sharing listings and content on popular social platforms. This gives you the ability to automatically showcase your listings to the right audience and generate quality LEADS.

Can I have my TEAM work closely with me?  

You can add your team members and they get their individual logins. You can set the criteria to automatically assign leads to the team members as the leads come in. Once the leads are being by individual team members, you have full control to view their progress and activities on all the leads

What is the TIMELINE feature? 

The timeline feature from our CRM allows you to track all the activities right from the inception into the system as a LEAD until the property is SOLD. With the timeline, you can track what the user is viewing, listings saved, emails sent to users, emailed opened, Calls made, Notes, Reminders, Drip Campaigns assigned to the user, Listings Viewed.

How long does it take to get leads?

The setup and launch time can be upto one month, including customization and paperwork completed, install the website, and make it LIVE. In month two we start your PPC and the LEADS start rolling in.

How much do you charge for PPC? 

Realty Terminus charges $150 per month or 15% of total Ad spending (whichever is higher) for PPC management. The amount of traffic is up to how much you spend for PPC. You could spend $10 per day or $5,000 - (there is no limit to it.). To quote an example: A $50 per day ($1500 monthly PPC budget) could net you as many as 3000 targeted visitors. Assuming 1% conversion rate, these can turn into 300 leads for the month.

How many deals will my leads get me?

This depends upon various factors. The effective use of the tools and features available in the backend, with your planning and execution can give you a conversion rate between 2-5%.